Praetorian Standard, Inc. was created in 2010 with one single contract. It was a contract that began with a handshake in a war-torn city; it was a contract that shone a light on the need for a strong company willing to do hard things in what most would consider to be very difficult places.

As government and commercial clients began to understand the mission statement and the scope of its capabilities, the company began to grow. At this time, it clarified its vision: to meet the challenges that arise for organizations — military, government or commercial — that want to do business in difficult environments worldwide. The unique leadership and broad range of expertise positioned the company well to deliver on that mission.

By late 2011, PSI was receiving some domestic attention for their operational and emergency risk management operations overseas. Team members were hired as consultants to deliver risk assessments on critical infrastructure for U.S. transportation entities, such as Amtrak. Thus began the company’s broadened vision of providing strategic support in our homeland and to other commercial entities.

PSI’s domestic work was further enhanced when the Department of Justice and the Department of Homeland Security required risk management consultants, tactical and strategic support and information technology expertise. At the same time, the company’s work in the Middle East has continued to grow and PSI remains hard at work as an international logistics company, providing critical life support services worldwide.