PSI has extensive experience offering international logistics solutions to branches of the U.S. government. Whether the call is for a logistics company, counter-drug and counter-terrorism exercises, training, equipment or intelligence support, PSI has the network, the training, the expertise and the resources to solve problems far from home.

One of the core missions of the company is considered to be support to the Special Operations Forces (SOF) community. PSI’s Executive Director, CSM (Ret.) Richard Davis, spent more than 20 years in the Special Operations community and many PSI team members are former Special Operations operators, master training specialists, curriculum developers, surveillance/counter-surveillance experts and security specialists.

PSI has been called on to support the missions of the United States Special Operation Command (SOCOM), the United States Africa Command (AFRICOM) and the United States Southern Command (SOUTHCOM) when they have required a specialized logistics company or expertise in homeland security and emergency management.

The international mining community has called on PSI to provide a full spectrum of security management and life support services, including intelligence coordination, regional assessments, surveys, and situational analysis focused on the mineral industry.

PSI offers several unique differentiators for the Department of Defense (DOD). These include an intimate knowledge and understanding of the SOF community, specialized military and law enforcement training services, international risk management and specialized international logistics solutions for challenging areas, and a full spectrum of protection management and life support services. These include intelligence coordination, regional assessments, surveys, and situational analysis.

Additionally, PSI offers international project support tailored to the particular region, in-country translation and interpretation services, key regional and local contacts, local contracting and consultants and site surveys and country assessment capabilities.