Job Location

Arlington, VA

Position Description (Full-Time)

PSI is seeking a qualified Emergency Response Coordinator to support a contingent award of a five-year Department of State contract to conduct Chemical, Biological, Radioactive, and Nuclear (CBRN) awareness and response training for U.S. embassies and facilities worldwide and domestic.  This is a non-supervisory position reporting to the on-site Project Manager.

Required Duties and Qualifications

The Emergency Response Coordinator (ERC) serves as the focal point for the coordination of

emergency response activities to actual or possible CBRN incidents which effect the American diplomatic enterprise worldwide. The ERC will be responsible for the following duties:

  • Coordinate Diplomatic Security response to incidents involving hazardous materials and weapons of mass destruction including references to or the implied use of chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear materials against American interests, diplomatic posts, and personnel worldwide.
  • Act as a liaison on behalf of the Department of State WMD Countermeasures Division to necessary and appropriate U.S. government and foreign partner agencies in order to provide for effective intelligence and information sharing.
  • Represent the WMD Countermeasures Division in both departmental and interagency meetings and working groups.
  • Provide the Department with a 24/7/365 responsiveness and advisory capability for WMD/CBRN issues.
  • Respond to emergency situations involving DOS equities within the National Capital Region and elsewhere, as needed.
  • Attend trainings, briefings and conferences to remain current on emergency response and management issues, tactics and procedures.
  • Maintain currency regarding the regulations and procedures pertaining to the shipment of environmental samples from Department of State locations worldwide to an appropriate laboratory for analysis.
  • Act as a Technical Specialist within the framework of the Department’s all-hazard Incident Management Team (IMT) as administered by Office of Emergency Management.
  • Maintain professional relationships with State, Local and Federal partner agencies that are responsible for responding to and mitigating WMD/CBRN events at domestic Departmental locations.
  • Assist division staff with the development of policy.
  • Assist with the investigation and assessment of new technology in the areas of detection, decontamination, sampling, and protective equipment.
  • Provide on-site, WMD support to the Department, as needed, for special and high visibility events.
  • Provide situational awareness to division personnel and leadership regarding current operations and practices in the WMD/CBRN realm, worldwide.
  • Conduct risk & vulnerability surveys at assigned Department of State facilities.
  • Design and implement a division exercise program in conjunction with relevant Department and USG organizations under the Homeland Security Exercise and Evaluation Program (HSEEP).
  • Develop and administer a record keeping process for incidents that were responded to by DS personnel.
  • The Emergency Response Coordinator must have a current TOP SECRET/SCI clearance.
  • U.S. Citizenship

Please submit your resume and a cover letter that outlines why you should be considered for this position and position level/salary requirements along with the application.

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