PSI is proud of its ability to provide services in the most remote and sometimes difficult places across the globe. The company’s talent lies with its ability to negotiate with and provide key regional and local contacts, as well as heavily utilizing local contracting companies and consultants.

Given the company’s expertise in global operations management, it is incumbent upon PSI to gain an understanding of the diversity of indigenous cultures and how their communities operate. By approaching these communities with ethical practices, honesty and respect, PSI gains unprecedented and welcome access to the very foundations of the country.

PSI is able to better support its international business clients when it is able to understand the historical, current and future trends and challenges. Upon being welcomed into a community, the first mission is to develop, implement and maintain business agreements and partnerships that will mutually benefit communities impacted by proposed projects.

Global operations management is a balance between the interests of clients and the interests of the people who will live with them. PSI pledges to work with companies and communities to create specific local programs designed to enhance communications and understanding.